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Which Photo Booth Should I Rent-Photo Booth Rental Houston

Which Photo Booth Should I Rent?

A Photo booth is an amazing add-on for a wedding celebration, birthday party, corporate or black tie gathering.

It is a truly nice keepsake to have people remember the gathering by, as well as could actually produce that particular hype which you are aiming for if you want an event lots of people will be speaking about for weeks and months after.

The Photo Booth market has grown greatly within a rather short time– starting with the common enclosed pop up “pseudo photo booth” along with a simple framework and curtain wrap, to the most elegant of clever designs which presently reach futuristic conceptions as well as entire vehicles to house the booth in.

The photo booth truly has come a long way from the regular passport form photo stations of the old times.


The Traditional Photo Booth

The very first variety of photo booth is the old-fashioned type. This is the most common photo booth readily available on the market and this is something that is really fairly comparable to exactly what the earlier mechanized photo booth machines appeared like. You recognize the style– the booth’s where you used in order to get your passport photos printed.

They are generally more like installed photo booths that are oftentimes fully automated. They do not usually a lot of service from an attendant simply because these kinds of booths most likely are kitted out with simple push button software that allows the person to control the entire picture taking process.

This is a kind of photo booth that could be self sufficient with a little outside services needed to operate and would be perfect for events especially weddings, birthdays or school events.

The disadvantage to this particular variety of photo booth though is that they have gotten remarkably familiar to the majority of people, thus might not produce the degree of enthusiasm to your event guests that you would like.


The Open Air Photo Booth

The second kind of photo booth is the open air style. This particular type of arrangement is quite unique from the traditional setup as it is not really a booth (in a way) considering that booths are meant to be usually confined and open air ones are actually plainly kind of “out there”.

Practically speaking, the configuration is pretty much the same, nevertheless. You still feature the camera, the lights, and the printer, even the automatic shutter remote control and all that is really missing from the formula will be the walls that enclose the booth.

The drawback to this though is because it may be a bit uncomfortable to do the really outrageous poses when there are a bunch of individuals going by, standing around being onlookers, or simply just queuing up to wait for their turn to get their pictures taken in the photo booth.

Photo booth pics are notorious for individuals doing ridiculous and inconvenient poses in and so this may be a bit of a turn off for folks who are not too crazy about being watched carrying out wild stuff. This type of booth typically comes with an attendee to man the technicalities of the thing. He is usually there to deal with any type of simple issues, fine-tune the lights, fill up the ink of the printer, as well as basically explain to people just how the photo booth operate and how it should be used.

This specific kind of photo booth is fantastic for really huge gatherings like company product launches simply because there is no limitation to the number of people that might fit into the photo. As long as they fit in the framing of the backdrop, it should be good to go. The open air photo booth arrangement normally offers so much more area and also freedom to move and aside from the spectators; it may be a really great choice to go along with.


The Caravan Photo Booth

There is also the caravan photo booth. It is not precisely as odd as it may sound. It is just generally all the same as with any other standard photo booth only that it comes in with a variation– the setting is in a vintage caravan.

It could be actually relatively awesome for activities with motifs. Certainly at most locations it is typically placed outside. It will normally have a background, a chair, and a number of props on one side of the van and the other side is put together along with the touch screen menu for picture taking, the camera, the lights, the printer, and so on and so forth.

This is something that adds quality in terms of marketing and advertising and that looks really captivating and interesting. The draw back to this however is that this requires an awful lot of space so you kind of need to have a considerable location for this. It can also be fairly expensive but if you are seeking to blow away and outshine something, this can possibly be the perfect photo booth for your event.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Houston

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is a really outstanding add-on to any type of event. It gives your attendees something wonderful to remember the occasion by.

One of the most crucial details that you have to work out if it comes to hiring a photo booth service is just how much it may cost you. Especially when it needs to involve you organizing the kind of occasion where other expenses can become a bit out of control!

Photo booth services differ wildly, so to start, you need to take a look at the detailed list of the services and products which you are actually getting from every single vendor and make certain to review differences and similarities.

Most booths already feature the cost of instant prints. Photos are printed automatically and can certainly be handed out to the attendees.


And then there’s the props. This can easily add in a real interesting element to the booth. Take a look at the photo booth props being actually included and check out the collection and kind that they supply.

And we mean variety! You are looking for anything and everything– from head gear to glasses, to shawls, wigs, hats, phony mustaches, and so on and so forth.

You’ll want absolutely interesting looking props and also anything which will gel with the personas of your family and friends and the rest of the guests showing up at the event.

The Required Photo Booth Help

Just how many people will man the booth? This will certainly impact on the cost.

It can just be one person, but frequently it could be two.

In this case, the first one is the booth assistant who is the one who attends to taking the photos. You are looking for a professional who is experienced and also someone who is motivating towards the visitors when they get their pictures taken. You need an individual who has adequate etiquette and some pleasant crowd control capabilities too.

The second person that you would like to have on crew is an expert who will be the on-site technician. The concern with gear is that they are noted for bailing out in the most inconvenient of moments so you need to have a professional who will be there for you to fix things.

Try to check out if they will release complimentary digital copies too to both you and the visitors who are getting their photos taken. This is a little bit of a shoe-in yet still an option that you may intend to take a look at.

You might also prefer a support service that will upload the photos taken to a Facebook page so everyone can tag and talk about just how much fun they had at your event.

Remember, You Get What You Paid For

You have to keep in mind that this is a business enterprise and those who are running it have overhead costs and gear along with people to compensate thus when you notice something less than this standard cost think of the old expression which says “You usually get what you pay for!”.

Should you may really want to hammer out a deal on price– you may try bargaining for the add-on and non-basic items but still consider the sustainability aspect that the operator would must manage. You have to be fair and not undercut them too much.

Bear in mind, you only get what you spend for so if you haggle very low for the pricing, you might be getting something that is not as excellent quality as you originally assumed it would be.

Great professional service and fantastic offerings come along with particular prices. It is all just comes along with the territory and the quicker on you have the opportunity to keep that in mind, the less complicated things will be because you are at the very least able to wrap your head around the fees.

Once again, a photo booth might not exactly be a need for any function but it absolutely gives your event that particular touch and adds in an attraction that your guests will certainly appreciate. It is remarkable, but it’s the most basic details in life that are our most priceless, and that goofy little photo booth strip of pictures is one thing that a lot of them will keep for years and years, and will always remind them of your event.

That’s something that is quite priceless, to be honest.

Calculate ROI on Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Houston

Calculate ROI on Experiential Marketing

Given that interactive technology continues to advance and make it possible for companies to make customized experiences intended for users, there is a clear pattern suggesting that experiential marketing is the potential future of organic marketing. By description, experiential marketing is developing an event style, engaging driven marketing experience that permits potential customers to personally or digitally interact with your brand, and develop an emotional connection.

While experiential marketing is by no means a brand-new term, the capability to determine its success and execution has definitely been enhanced through social media sites and modern technology.

Establishing KPIs that can be Tracked

The primary item on the order of business before actually picking what your experiential marketing initiative will likely be is to spell out what your KPIs – key performance indicators are. Setting up trackable, data-driven goals would permit you to determine the elements you will need to look over. Several good examples of event marketing KPIs are

1. Engagement – Monitoring not just primarily the amount of audience members that interacted with your campaign, but segmenting who they are, will really help you to distinguish if you get to the correct demographic. For example, if you are debuting a new men’s shaver in a store activation however the majority of individuals who engaged with your project were generally teenage girls, your campaign probably was really not effectively executed.

The easiest approach to know who have actually engaged with your brand, is to incorporate interactive systems such as digital kiosks or open air photo booths which let guests to complete a brief survey for a probability to take the prize. Doing this can create an encouragement for them to accomplish information about themselves. Segmenting who they are and distinguishing who your crowd and prospects are.

2. Impressions – Determining the quantity of customers who your project reached can assist know how viral your project both online and offline. You can measure experiential marketing responses by tracking the quantity and quality of your PR coverage, social network reach, and the number of event participants.

Social Media Interaction

Just about every single excellent experiential marketing campaign is associate with a great social media strategy. Social media is the proper method in order to gauge your target audience’s response and also spread attention. Your social media reach is at the same time a necessary resource to maintain and maximize prior to, during and shortly after your event. Just one of the fastest and most useful means of assessing your campaign’s social media effectiveness and virality is through an official hashtag. Generate a plan to segment the people who are actually interacting with your hashtag, gauge their feelings, pinpoint the top period of times that it is being applied, and use their responses to delight the same audience moving forward.

An Almost Instant Increase in Sales

Obviously, the most convenient manner to quantify experiential marketing ROI is through sales made. Although it may be difficult to identify if a sale was a firsthand result of your experiential campaign, you should have the ability to determine sales trends as an actual output. Some purchasing trends to look over are spikes during your campaign cycle, and keeping track of conversions that are transpiring associated with or in nearest location to the activity.

Should you are positive in the success of your activity, take into consideration proposing ticket sale prior to the activity date. Build a mobile app exclusively for your event, helping guests to interact with you through social networks, view the guest list, book seats and pay for their ticket. It can also help make keeping track of sales quite simple, as well as guard against any probable no-show attendees.

From Engagement to Conversion

Soon after you have figured out the KPIs of your campaign’s success, it is essential to also measure new brand awareness and also those interested in finding out more or engaging with your products or services later on. You’ve helped make the primary interaction and communication with your market, now you will want to carry on the conversation in order to convert them into buyers. Figuring out those who possess positive reactions to your experiential project may help you in going with the next step.

A good suggestion, place smart tables all around your event will make it possible for customers to both gather additional related information regarding your products or services as well as complete surveys acknowledging exactly how they think about your event, products or services, and even sign up for additional information.


Groupon Deals and Photo Booth Rentals-Photo Booth Rental Houston

Groupon Deals and Photo Booth Rentals

There are a whole lot of photo booth businesses around that are really getting on the Groupon and Living Social trend. We do get telephone calls asking in the case that we are running any type of Groupon bargains or if we are able to match a Groupon deal being offered. To the disappoinment of the customer we constantly say that we could not match the photo booth deal which we do not join any type of Groupon kind of bargains.

With the queries that we get, we discover that some people shop by cost only. This is a substantial blunder in our opinion. What the shopper does not know is actually that a lot of photo booth companies price way listed below “normal cost” are typically start up companies, which may have one photo booth that has been improperly constructed in their shed the last weekend. Their below market prices is generally a representation of their desperate demand offer for sale, any type of sale.

Exactly what most individuals don’t recognize is that these fantastic fifty percent off deals actually sets back the company offering the Groupon not fifty percent of their earnings but 75% or even more! So if the initial price for the Groupon is $20 and it is marked down to $10, Groupon will certainly keep on their own a minimum of $5 leaving the vendor with $5 or less, depending on just what the vendor and Groupon discuss.

Just Lazy

A lot of photo booth companies providing Groupon offers are also just plain lazy. Running any type of small company is really hard work. Marketing, advertising, and also running a strategic business plan takes work. Groupon is generally might be the easy road for the majority of photo booth companies but leaving them just little rewards. It is obvious that the company running the Groupon deal had not also considered the implications of the Groupon bargain they ran till they load their whole timetable with events which pay little or absolutely nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, perhaps even at your occasion.

Getting What You Paid For

You will certainly receive just what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Making use of photo booths as the basic instance: if you spend for an inexpensive photo booth, you are getting an inexpensive photo booth. The photos will sometimes be rough as well as out of focus, looking like they were taken with a disposable camera. Not to mention, the set up will most likely be the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks great on the advertisement, but turns out to be garbage in the real world, leaving you not surprisingly unhappy.

Why Black Out Dates?

Often times these bargains consist of black out dates, only allowing you to gain access to this deal if your event is on a specific day– generally mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate a bargain that will certainly benefit the day of your event, there’s no warranty that they will even turn up. Usually Groupon vendors will cancel your event on the last-minute or simply not show up whatsoever since “they failed to remember.” Unfortunately, we have seen this way too many times at celebrations or from clients telling us about their previous experiences. Together with this comes dreadful client service. Your photo booth will either be self-service (and also you’re stuck managing any kind of technical problems by yourself), or it will certainly have a photo booth assistant who recognizes little to absolutely nothing regarding customer care. Expect a minimum-wage-paid teen that will likely be disengaged with visitors and/or on their phone.

Experiential Marketing Photo Booths Are Changing Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Houston

Experiential Marketing: Photo Booths Are Changing Marketing

Experiential marketing. In a world where people share virtually every moment of their lives, it is now a vital piece of the marketing mix, delivering unique ways to physically reach potential customers, create an emotional connection, and provide opportunities for social sharing.

It may come out as a surprise to you, but this existed before the Internet era, smartphones, and social media took over most of our lives. Yes, brands and marketers interacted with people at events and other company marketing campaigns, but the impact was mainly limited to those who physically attended. Brands would cross their fingers hoping that their one-off event made a lasting impression to everyone who attended. Guests might have received a printed photo to take home and put on their fridge, but simply put there wasn’t much of a way to share and measure the experience beyond word-of-mouth.

While there are a million and one ways to incorporate your brand into the overall experience, a photo booth is another great tool to have in building brand awareness and recognition. One of the many advantages of modern photo booths is that, they can be customized to reflect your brand. Take a read to see how you can effectively create a branded experience with a photo booth rental.

  1. Adding your logo to every photo – indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words but imagine how much more would be said if your logo is in it too. To complete the look, ask us about custom graphics such as custom photo print borders or backdrops that can be used as step-and-repeat to showcase your logo or any sponsor’s logos. As these photos are shared by the guest’s on their respective social media accounts, awareness of your brand will also spread easily and organically.
  2. Using your own words – when considering a photo booth for an experiential marketing campaign, make sure that you are able to have the booth customized down to its details. Also, some photo booth rental companies also have post-marketing email services, which is another area that can be customized. The email service is important as it is a great opportunity to add in a strong call-to-action.
  3. Wrapping the kiosk – Experiential events are not just the same if they are not well planned. During any event, photo booths do tend to stand out and look like wore thumbs. Have the skins of the photo booths customized so that it will match the overall theme. Not only that, the photo booth can also double up as an exclusive ad space for sponsors or other stakeholders who would benefit from having their logos displayed.
  4. Broadcasting the experience – while it is not necessary to be a social media photo booth, using a customizable social media screen that integrates with one is another good idea to immerse your guests into a branded experience. This way, guests are surrounded by a cohesive theme, even while their photos and tweets are being broadcasted on the screen.
How Your Corporate Event Benefit from a Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Houston

How Your Corporate Event Benefit from a Branded Photo Booth

If your company is planning to hold an event to create brand awareness, collect data and reach out to new customers, then the photo booth is the perfect tool for the job. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promoting your services and brand, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and more for your company. Read on to know more.

Create Lasting Impressions

How people see your brand is crucial and can make or break a branding campaign. By having a branded photo booth, it enables you to create a positive impression on your brand for your customers and they can take away these strong, positive impressions of your brand away in the form of the photo booth prints. It is also an guarantee that these photos will be shown to co-workers, family and friends making your brand reach further after event.

Social Media Reach

Event guests will surely have a blast with the branded photo booth. The photos will also be shared with your brand online with family and friends during and after the event. Add a photo booth in your event that has social media integration, guests will have fun and you will have data insights as well as event data capture for use in future marketing campaigns.

Increase in Engagement

Engagement with prospects is important while the event is happening. The photo booth provides the perfect platform to engage with clients. The photo booth not only acts as an attraction and a conversation starter but, as an additional benefit, creates buzz around your brand. Having better engagement with customers means that you can talk to them about product offerings as well as having a better dialogue. Prospects would then feel that your brand is approachable as well as giving them the feeling of light-heartedness around the photo booth. These positive impressions will help you collect data more easily from them for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Exclusive Branding

We will work with you in coming up for a design that is compliant to your brand requirements and brand image. We have a team of expert designers that will work with you to create the perfect design for your photo booth. You will be engaged throughout the design process until to the brand design integration of the photo booth.

How Photo Booths Can Spice Up an Event-Photo Booth Rental Houston

How Photo Booths Can Spice Up an Event

Adding a photo booth to an event can help spice it up in so many ways, especially on corporate events. We have all been to at least one corporate event in our lifetime and from that experience, they are a perfect example of what needs spiced up with little or a good amount of fun just because they give a hint of boring plus a splash of awkwardness.

Here are some good reasons why a photo booth can help spice up a corporate event.

  1. The photo booth – There is no need for further explanation to this as this is a given. Due to the nature of corporate events, they can spring off a tense, serious or stiff feeling, adding a photo booth is a good way to break the ice. Not only attendees have fun sharing photos and also having a memorable takeaway, the photo booth can lighten the mood and get everyone excited just to be there.
  2. Pure entertainment – you are throwing a party or holding an event. You simply would like everyone to enjoy themselves, correct? What else can you do aside from the usual drinks, music and dancing? Getting a photo booth adds an exciting touch to your event. It also promises to be the center of attention for guests and hosts alike. The booth gives everyone a chance to let loose for a bit and really just enjoy the moment.
  3. A gift for everyone – a photo booth photo print out can be small in size but its impact, is huge in comparison. Sure, people can take pictures of the event with their cameras, phones and other handheld devices, but there is something special about the immediacy of the photo booth. Having the photos printed on the spot that guests can take home will make them feel special. It also signifies a little extra reward for being part of the party.

The party will continue online – if you want your party to be the talk of the town, rent a photo booth with social media integration. As long as the photo booth is connected to the internet, the booth can be programmed to upload all the photos taken to a social media account. Guests can share, save and enjoy everyone’s photos and not just the ones they have taken. To add more mileage, you can stream the event online as it happens, increasing brand visibility and reach.

Fun Things to Do for a Non-Profit Event

Fun Things to Do for a Non-Profit Event

Fundraising events can be a wonderful way to help popularize an organization and raise money for a specific cause. The only hitch in these types of event is that, it should be successful. By investing a lot of time and energy to plan the event efficiently and well in advance. The event will run smoothly and will amaze guests. For all the attendees to feel comfortable supporting a cause, they must have at very least have knowledge and passion required to make a firm donation. There is no better way to urge guests to contribute than to give them a memorable and fun experience.

Once the goal of the fundraising event is established as well as the budget and ticket sales are addressed, the host committee is committed, it is now time to discuss the details that can create a festive event for supporters. The main goal of non-profit events is to build awareness and raise money. The devil is in the details. The activities and all the details that go for a non-profit event can make all the difference.

  1. Have a photo booth – renting a photo booth in any event is both fun and useful for leaving a lasting impression. People do love dressing up silly and wearing ridiculous accessories such as big sunglasses, fake cigars, shiny bling and some goofy wigs. The photos are usually posted on social media networks such as Facebook or for the prints, are hung on fridges.
  2. Providing and open bar – if the budget would allow, an open bar can elevate an attendee’s overall experience and can even give the impulse to give more. While the tickets might be expensive, the open bar can be a major draw for guests and can help promote the organization across a wide audience.
  3. Set up a raffle – beyond the opportunity to donate by purchase of an event ticket, raffles are a great way in providing more opportunity for attendees to participate and contribute. All prizes are usually nice and highly desirable and are worth the bids. As a general idea, try asking contributions from the fields of travel, health and fitness, entertainment, sports and those who are high in demand as thy can really gain a lot of traction.
  4. Musical entertainment – there is no denial that everyone loves music and dancing. Bring to the event musical entertainment that suits the both the event, audience, venue and organization. It does not actually matter of it is classical music during dinner or a DJ for dancing later in the night, find some form of music that will provide guests with a fun, memorable evening.

Planning a non-profit event can be tough but with these fun activities and efficient planning techniques, it is sure that you would gain returning attendees, building long term relationships and achieve more donations that will support your cause.

wedding hashtag - photo booth rentals houston

The Wedding Hashtag

Right now, the personalized wedding Instagram hashtags are indeed one of the hottest wedding trends. Hashtags are a unique way to integrate social media sharing in your special day. Some can be clever and some are straightforward but, all in all, they are all fun. Here are some ideas to creating the ultimate #weddinghashtag!

  1. The purpose of a hashtag is to make a collection of photos that is easily searched on social media. In this case, wedding photos. This implicates that the hashtag should be unique and is highly relevant to the wedding. This will avoid clashing with other people’s hashtags and their photos too. To make sure, search it on social media before you can confirm that it is your own.
  2. Make sure that the hashtag is simple and easy to remember – That it is easier for friends and family to remember and share. Try to set up sign boards or chalkboards with your hashtag so they are always reminded of it.
  3. Think FUN! – This will give the hashtag extra push in being shared online and will make your guests want to use it. Often, some of the most fun hashtags are the ones that play on words. Be sure not to complicate it as it might not work for the majority.
  4. Do not make your hashtag too long – it can lose its fun value and it might not be used by your guests.
  5. One suggestion we can give is to try to come up with a hashtag that uses your last name or your future last name. Fine a website that with a list of idioms that lists examples from A to Z. Idioms will give you ideas and what we find the easiest way to in finding play of words that will suit your names.

Photo Booth Rental Houston can help make your wedding day not only a day that you will remember forever, but also an experience you would revisit time and again. From shareable GIFs to printed photos, complete with your wedding hashtag, it has been never been easier to capture memories from your big day. We will fully customize your photo prints to include any hashtag you would want to be placed on your photos. To learn more about Photo Booth Rental Houston or to get the latest news, follow our blog!

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Metrics for Brand Activation Campaigns

Consumer brand activations are viewed as very important part of building a positive perception of a brand and this can be done with a variety of technics such as product samplings, experiential events, sponsorships and in-store promotions. This also requires the brand to determine the core features that will distinguish them against their competitors. Brands must find positioning that will uncover assets that features long term benefits to the company.

Brands must be able to reach potential customers and create an emotional level of engagement. These marketing events must be able to impart positive feelings in the minds of these customers to become loyal customers and purchase products.

When you are aiming to build a brand activation campaign, the end goal should be to develop a face to face interaction as well as a two-way conversation with customers. Here are some factors to measure to always keep in mind.

Amplification – If needed, is it possible to make changes in order to increase the amplification of the overall activation campaign?

Uniqueness – As previously mentioned, it is required for a brand to identify core features that separates them from today’s highly competitive market.

Consumer Reach – Is there a reasonable amount of the targeted audiences for this brand activation touch and reach? Try to identify the reach in geography as well – hyper local, citywide, statewide or nationwide?

Capabilities for Integration – Would this brand activation campaign add or enhance and have the ready capability to integrate with the other types of marketing campaigns and channels that are being utilized by the company?

Return on Investment – are the benefits take over the costs of the brand activation? Brand activation campaigns should not always be measured in financial terms and sales. Are you able to capture pertinent consumer data such as names, phone numbers and email addresses which can be used on other marketing opportunities?

Long Term Potential – Does the activation gives the ability for the brand to gain sizeable long term benefits?

Relevance to the Brand – Is the activation campaign relevant to the brand’s values and message?