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Are Cheap Photo Booths Rentals Worth It?

You have probably noticed that there are a bunch of alternatives when it comes to searching for a photo booth company for your wedding or event. However just like with haircuts and hotel rooms, generally the most inexpensive preference isn’t really the most ideal one. “You get what you pay” for is a famous expression, […]


Which Photo Booth Should I Rent?

A Photo booth is an amazing add-on for a wedding celebration, birthday party, corporate or black tie gathering. It is a truly nice keepsake to have people remember the gathering by, as well as could actually produce that particular hype which you are aiming for if you want an event lots of people will be […]


Calculate ROI on Experiential Marketing

Given that interactive technology continues to advance and make it possible for companies to make customized experiences intended for users, there is a clear pattern suggesting that experiential marketing is the potential future of organic marketing. By description, experiential marketing is developing an event style, engaging driven marketing experience that permits potential customers to personally […]


Groupon Deals and Photo Booth Rentals

There are a whole lot of photo booth businesses around that are really getting on the Groupon and Living Social trend. We do get telephone calls asking in the case that we are running any type of Groupon bargains or if we are able to match a Groupon deal being offered. To the disappoinment of […]


How Photo Booths Can Spice Up an Event

Adding a photo booth to an event can help spice it up in so many ways, especially on corporate events. We have all been to at least one corporate event in our lifetime and from that experience, they are a perfect example of what needs spiced up with little or a good amount of fun […]


Fun Things to Do for a Non-Profit Event

Fundraising events can be a wonderful way to help popularize an organization and raise money for a specific cause. The only hitch in these types of event is that, it should be successful. By investing a lot of time and energy to plan the event efficiently and well in advance. The event will run smoothly […]