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Celebrating Your Spring Wedding

Spring is actually a popular season for weddings and is for a good reason. Spring is all about new beginnings. The end of the previous winter season is marked by the new greenery and bulbs that are peaking up the earth. In other parts of the world who has dramatic winters, spring brings the much needed color, new life and warmth. The fact that spring is all about new life and new beginnings is a prime motivation for a wedding as marriage, of course, is an exciting new chapter in life.

Food for the celebration

There is delicious in-season produce that are very good options for a meal which can include new potatoes, asparagus, lettuces, spinach, peas and pea greens and much more. A risotto with morel mushrooms and asparagus would be perfect, alongside salad greens, radishes and snap peas. For dessert, the options are fresh fruits and produce like cherries, strawberries and rhubarb. In keeping with the off-beat and colorful theme, strawberry shortcakes or strawberry rhubarb pie would be a very good twist to the traditional wedding cake.


Spring would also mean scent and many spring flowers have beautiful fragrances that adds another dimension to your wedding bouquet or arrangements. Hyacinths and narcissi are some good choices in making sure that your flowers have that seasonal feel and also providing a natural and lovely perfume that you can actually carry all day long. Flower choice can cause confusion as the choices are endless this time of year. Flowers are also a good starting point and inspire you when you are thinking about your theme colors. Let springs inspire you with various floras such as tulips, cherry blossoms sweet peas and peonies.

Roughing it up 

Spring is pretty but can also be messy and no one wants to their wedding to be messy as snow is melting, rain is falling and kids are enjoying themselves by splashing in puddles. However, by planning, time can be saved by allowing things to be stylishly rough around the edges, rather than having to contend with nature and attempt to keep everything spotless. For the seats outside, try not to have those expensive chairs that must be kept clean but instead, have or look for some wooden chairs that give the ceremony a rustic feel and pretty much not ruined by some grass or mud. Small adjustments like these actually makes your theme more authentic as well as save you time on planning on how to keep nature out.