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Creative Ideas on Classic Photo Booth Backdrops

It is well accepted that photo booths are almost on all events these days. They are quickly becoming a need for events of every kind. Although most photo booths come in many shapes and sizes, those that has the modern, open air format like ours at Photo Booth Rental Houston are truly unique for a few reasons:

  1. Out photo booths allow more people to join in a single photo shot.
  2. Usually provides good or if not, better lighting conditions.
  3. Clients can get creative with their backdrop options.

When looking at backdrops, it is really amazing on how much the difference they can make on the photos as well as the overall feel of the booth.

  1. Brick and concrete walls to serve as industrial backdrops. Brick and concrete walls contrast well with people in the shot, never gets stepped on by tipsy guests and adds a rustic vibe to the photos. If part of the venue’s brick or concrete wall can be cleared, we do recommend using it as the photo booth backdrop!
  2. One of the classic standard is the gold sequin backdrop. This backdrop is suggested to use for weddings, parties that are themed with the roaring 20’s, casino nights and event corporate events. When using this backdrop, lighting must be considered as they tend to reflect some harsh light. If this backdrop is well done, it will be surely loved by everyone.
  3. Similar to brick backdrops, wooden walls make good, if not, great backdrops. It is highly suggested backdrop use for barn or old church type weddings. It can be also used on events that has your guests using bright colors. Wood reflects well as well as it contrasts well on brilliant colored clothing.
  4. There is a photography trick that produces out of focus, blurry parts of a picture while the rest does not. This is called ‘bokeh’. To recreate this camera trick, you can deliberately have an image print out on vinyl. Glitters works well with this.  This then will give the impression of a shallow depth of field.
  5. For random yet unique backdrops, try using real plants, flowers and floral elements. These can be hung over a solid color or just fill the entire backdrop with them. It may have the impression of it as labor and time intensive, but you are assured of a really and completely unique backdrop that guests will be buzzing over.
  6. To achieve a more vintage flair, we recommend using lace. Take a few rounds to your local fabric store and select some few yards of varying laces patterns. The laces can be cut into strips of different widths and arranged in random order. This backdrop works well on outdoors as the gentle breeze blows into the backdrop gives it an airy, open feel to the pictures.

These are just some ideas to having unique photo booth backdrops. It will definitely become an open invitation for your guests once it is set up and the booth starts to take pictures. These creative twists will surely keep your guests engaged while capturing moments of the event.