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Exact Time When to Rent a Photo Booth

Timing is almost everything when it comes to events. All events have their own timelines on the deliverables such as flowers and their florists, tables and chairs, lighting, PA systems and so much more. For an event to be called as well executed, it needs a plan that is well thought. Timings for each event ‘components’ is usually predetermined when a venue has been hired hired for.

Event vendors’ timings can be categorized into three main sections: the bump in (time needed to set up), event time (the during of the event), and bump out (disassembly, packing out). For all of the event’s logistics to roll out smoothly, all suppliers, to include vendors, must work cooperatively to avoid mishaps and conflicts.

Venue Requirements

It always good to check with your venue on how much time is allowable for setting up (bump in phase of the event). It is always sure that a venue will have their own guidelines and everybody, including your Aunt Samantha who pledged to arrange the flowers, would need to work within the guidelines that are set. In some cases, venue staff will be preparing the venue and would be working overtime preparing the venue for your event and in these cases, the venue staff would be not be available for assistance (or even opening up the venue) until late morning or early afternoon.

Communicating the Requirements to Vendors

If you have hired a specialist to help you with your event, it is advisable to heed their advice on how they do their jobs. It is important to provide all the necessary needs of the vendors so they can deliver the best service to you. Communicating a fact sheet that specifies timing and requirements will save you time, effort and the possible disappointment.

Set and Break Down Time

Make sure that you have an understanding of bump in and bump out times as some suppliers might add an extra charge for these. Others include it in their packages but it might affect the expected time of service that you may require i.e. a six-hour package will give you four hours of photo booth use and two hours is allocated for bump in and bump out.

The Winning Situation

In finding the best answer, it is best that you find a photo booth vendor that can keep the camera firing right up to the last moment, the best shots are sometimes found on the last ones! In hiring a photo booth vendor, make sure that the package length covers the entire duration of the event. Save your guests the heart ache by having a photo booth available to take pictures anytime!