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Fun Things to Do for a Non-Profit Event

Fun Things to Do for a Non-Profit Event

Fundraising events can be a wonderful way to help popularize an organization and raise money for a specific cause. The only hitch in these types of event is that, it should be successful. By investing a lot of time and energy to plan the event efficiently and well in advance. The event will run smoothly and will amaze guests. For all the attendees to feel comfortable supporting a cause, they must have at very least have knowledge and passion required to make a firm donation. There is no better way to urge guests to contribute than to give them a memorable and fun experience.

Once the goal of the fundraising event is established as well as the budget and ticket sales are addressed, the host committee is committed, it is now time to discuss the details that can create a festive event for supporters. The main goal of non-profit events is to build awareness and raise money. The devil is in the details. The activities and all the details that go for a non-profit event can make all the difference.

  1. Have a photo booth – renting a photo booth in any event is both fun and useful for leaving a lasting impression. People do love dressing up silly and wearing ridiculous accessories such as big sunglasses, fake cigars, shiny bling and some goofy wigs. The photos are usually posted on social media networks such as Facebook or for the prints, are hung on fridges.
  2. Providing and open bar – if the budget would allow, an open bar can elevate an attendee’s overall experience and can even give the impulse to give more. While the tickets might be expensive, the open bar can be a major draw for guests and can help promote the organization across a wide audience.
  3. Set up a raffle – beyond the opportunity to donate by purchase of an event ticket, raffles are a great way in providing more opportunity for attendees to participate and contribute. All prizes are usually nice and highly desirable and are worth the bids. As a general idea, try asking contributions from the fields of travel, health and fitness, entertainment, sports and those who are high in demand as thy can really gain a lot of traction.
  4. Musical entertainment – there is no denial that everyone loves music and dancing. Bring to the event musical entertainment that suits the both the event, audience, venue and organization. It does not actually matter of it is classical music during dinner or a DJ for dancing later in the night, find some form of music that will provide guests with a fun, memorable evening.

Planning a non-profit event can be tough but with these fun activities and efficient planning techniques, it is sure that you would gain returning attendees, building long term relationships and achieve more donations that will support your cause.