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Photo Booth Rental Houston

Getting the Bang for your Buck: Photo Booth Rentals

So you have carefully planned the most important day of your life and you are focused to make it to be the best. For weddings, photo booths have become a constant that comes in all shapes and sizes, and with a good reason. Photo booths at weddings are appropriate for both the backyard nuptials and the lavish, black tie affair. There is just something that naturally occurs when guests are allowed to be just themselves no matter the occasion. Photo Booth Rental Houston would share some good tips on how to get the most out of your photo booth rental.

  1. How to let you guests know about your photo booth – to be able to give the best photo booth experience for your guests, encourage them to participate with the booth once you have their attention. One good way to let your guests know of the photo booth opening is to have your MC make the announcement. While dinner is on going and the MC takes over, usually some house rules are mentioned over the microphone. As everyone would be dining and listening, it is a great time to have your MC mention the photo booth where it is located and the run times. It is also worth to announce the last call for the photo booth when there would be twenty or thirty minutes remaining in the evening. This way, guests will have some few more chances to get their pictures taken and will definitely save some disappointments.
  2. Finding the best location to place your photo booth – You would get the best results when the booth is placed where there is high foot traffic and is highly visible. This spot can be in the main event area, near the dance floor or somewhere near the bar. If you do not have the space, the hallways can be a great alternative too. As long as people walk through it when they go through rooms, to get some food or refreshments.
  3. Having the right time to open the photo booth – by choosing the appropriate run times for the booth, you would be able to maximize the fun your guests that they would be having. Traditionally, weddings do have a ceremony, a break, dinner and speeches then off on a reception to end the event. From experience, having the photo booth to be available during the cocktail hour will keep the guests mingling and entertained. More often than not, it will only take one or two couples that will build the momentum and everyone would start to join in later on.

A photo booth from Photo Booth Rental Houston is the icing to the cake and is your x-factor to an epic wedding. It is a quick and easy way to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your wedding.