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How to Take Advantage of Marketing Potential of Photo Booths

The popularity of photo booths, both for fun or leisure, has soared in recent years. These unusual equipment is now becoming a common thing at wedding receptions, parties and even at corporate events. If you are running a business and you are looking at giving that extra ‘sparkle’ then it is worth considering renting a photo booth.

The following handy hints will give you ideas on how to take advantage on the marketing potential of photo booths on your next event.

Taking your brand further – if there is one thing most of us love doing, it’s taking pictures and sharing them on our social media accounts. You, as a marketer, can take advantage of this. This is by giving the photo booth guests the tools to do so – by the way of access to the booth – and adding your logo or company name to each picture. This can be easily done by asking the photo booth vendor to do a bit of customization on the photo prints. The rest can take care of themselves. Every time that the pictures are shared online, your brand will get the extra exposure.

Increasing customer engagement – when planning corporate events, it is all about exposure. It can be admitted that not much attention is placed on how long customers or clients be kept entertained. Remember that the more they spend time in interacting with your brand, the more likely that they would remember it when shopping in the future. It is then highly suggested to give your photo booth guests more than the catchy tunes and tasters to try but with a photo booth in which you can encourage them to play, in exchange for their email addresses you can use for email marketing.

Word of mouth promotion – photo booths can be common at private parties and weddings but are quite rare on roadshows and trade events. If are able to have a photo booth at your next event, it is going to be a standout and potential customers will be able to remember it. This will hold true if you have an initial engagement with your customers or clients and have a conversation with what it does, why it is there and what is the connection it has with your brand or products. Do not underestimate the impact of answering questions, talking directly to interested parties and answering questions as word of mouth promotion is extremely powerful.

To conclude, if you would want your marketing efforts to be successful, you would need to approach your prospects on how they see things, on their perspective. Try to keep things fresh, fun and easy.