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Keeping Your Wedding on Schedule

Planning your wedding should not be too difficult, from knowing where to start until when the dinner is served. After spending all the time scheduling your day, it can become stressful when the big day runs late on the schedule that is set. Stress should be the last thing you should have on your big day. Here are some good points to ponder in keeping your wedding day schedule on the dot.

  1. Having a rigid schedule – If you plan your schedule in increments of half an hour or even on hourly basis, this is sure to backfire on the schedules you have worked on. Try to schedule only the important ones and leave the rest to your hired professionals such as your photographer, photo booth operators, and wedding coordinators and just ask what they would need. Trust that they have all the experience in delivering their services in a more effective manner. Set a time and ask your professionals how to go on from that starting point.
  2. Getting your hair and makeup done in a salon – Salons have time limits as it is more likely that they have other clients lined up after you leave. They will also give you good time estimation in getting the entire bridal party done. It is advised that once you have made your schedule at a salon, make the number of people final and do not add to it anymore. In the case that you are not able to get to a salon, consider having more than one hairstylist and makeup artist. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the bridal party, the more you should hire.
  3. Consider getting ready first – having the bride and maid of honor to get ready first is ideal in getting the schedules running in time. The bride can leave if she is required on photo shoots and she can be getting in her dress while the others are getting their hair and makeup done.
  4. Leaving a space between the ceremony and the reception – it is also important to give some time after the ceremony before the reception. By leaving plenty of time for your family photos after the ceremony will allow the photographers, the photo booth providers and others to set up equipment. Try to help your family not to feel rushed. If you have left only twenty minutes and your ceremony ran twenty minutes late, then there would be no time for pictures.

Weddings do run behind schedule and some do not. By following these simple tips, your stress level on the big day will surely be lower.