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Metrics for Brand Activation Campaigns

Consumer brand activations are viewed as very important part of building a positive perception of a brand and this can be done with a variety of technics such as product samplings, experiential events, sponsorships and in-store promotions. This also requires the brand to determine the core features that will distinguish them against their competitors. Brands must find positioning that will uncover assets that features long term benefits to the company.

Brands must be able to reach potential customers and create an emotional level of engagement. These marketing events must be able to impart positive feelings in the minds of these customers to become loyal customers and purchase products.

When you are aiming to build a brand activation campaign, the end goal should be to develop a face to face interaction as well as a two-way conversation with customers. Here are some factors to measure to always keep in mind.

Amplification – If needed, is it possible to make changes in order to increase the amplification of the overall activation campaign?

Uniqueness – As previously mentioned, it is required for a brand to identify core features that separates them from today’s highly competitive market.

Consumer Reach – Is there a reasonable amount of the targeted audiences for this brand activation touch and reach? Try to identify the reach in geography as well – hyper local, citywide, statewide or nationwide?

Capabilities for Integration – Would this brand activation campaign add or enhance and have the ready capability to integrate with the other types of marketing campaigns and channels that are being utilized by the company?

Return on Investment – are the benefits take over the costs of the brand activation? Brand activation campaigns should not always be measured in financial terms and sales. Are you able to capture pertinent consumer data such as names, phone numbers and email addresses which can be used on other marketing opportunities?

Long Term Potential – Does the activation gives the ability for the brand to gain sizeable long term benefits?

Relevance to the Brand – Is the activation campaign relevant to the brand’s values and message?