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planning your prom - photo booth rental houston

Planning for this Year’s Prom

When you are about to start to plan for your prom, you have to start with the big picture in mind; what would you need, set up, preparation, how and when to get it. The items below are some general ideas for what you would need. The prom night would be just in a few months so it is critical to be thorough as possible with the planning process. Let us get right into these helpful guidelines before your planning starts.

  1. Choosing the date – This is an important task. You would want that the date you would choose will not affect or have a conflict with any school event, test period or a holiday. Go over the school calendar with the planning committee and visit the venues – if opted to have the venue off-campus and find out if they are available for the prom. Once you have the date locked down, you can start with the other major details.
  2. Assign tasks and be organized – delegate the tasks and oversee specific tasks. You can have the prom committee assigned to certain tasks such as food and drinks, advertising, entertainment, sales and decorations. To help being more organized, use a paper planner or download an app that will help you stay on top of things. You can also use social media group pages made private for discussions between committee members about ideas, reporting for accomplishments and status updates. Find ways to allow members to contribute and funnel information into a single planner, application or program to keep track of it all.
  3. Choosing favors – When it comes to the prom planning, finding new ways to remember this special occasion is very important. Hiring a photographer where students can purchase their photos, rent a photo booth, and purchase some other physical items that would include the theme of the prom, the date and the year. Think about favors that everyone would want to purchase. An open air photo booth offers the group dynamic, silliness, the props and spontaneity everyone would love.
  4. DJ or a live band – Another big part of planning this year’s prom is deciding if you would want a DJ, a band or both. Think wisely and weigh the costs, think about the space needed and make sure that the venue would allow above average levels of music until late into the night. Some might include insurance and other legal concerns so the sooner you have decided, the better.