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The Real Cost of DIY Photo Booths

The Real Cost of DIY Photo Booths

If you are considering a photo booth, it is more likely that you are considering a DIY photo booth, and you may have some big ideas. You have also done your research on the cost and have considered saving on the cost of a professional photo booth. You may be willing to put in the time and effort needed to build a photo booth but here are some few practical reasons why it may not be a good idea.

Is it worth your time and money?

Planning a photo booth takes time and money. From the initial research and all the purchases you would be making, the build and the actual implementation, a DIY photo booth  is surely to burn through a lot of time. The bottom line is that most people underestimate the actual time that is involved in a DIY photo booth and you know the saying “Money is time and time is money”, you should understand the the project will take many hours of your time.

Figuring out the costs in advance

A basic photo booth setup is not as inexpensive as some might think. To start, a decent camera is required. Webcams are used as an alternative for some booth applications but a DLSR camera will give you better results and is what most reputable photo booth operators use. The next cost factor is the printer. A professional sub-dye printer can cost from $1000 going up and is a type of printer a professional would use. Home printers can be an alternative but think of those printer cartridges, they are sometime not considered and are underestimated in costing.

Photo booth software

The software for the photo booth is a critical factor to make it work and is outright expensive. The software can have a wide range in features, cost and user friendliness. When it comes to software you would need to sit down and test it accordingly. It may seem that by watching a professional photo booth operate, there is an underlying fact that underneath the impression of simplicity, there is actually a lot of problems that can occur between the connectivity and adaptability between your equipment such as, printer settings, compatibility issues with the camera and printer, camera and the printer, camera and the software. These can be unforeseen as well and are a great factor to consider.

Lighting and props

Props, lights and backdrops are a big requirement for a photo booth. In photography, lighting is a crucial element in producing quality images that separate the professionals and the rest. They typical camera flash will work but it tends to produce shadows, poor back lighting and a professional photo booth will have a key light with supporting lighting for the background. Unfortunately, with lighting most DIYers finds out about it during the event the they are using the photo booth.

To conclude

It is advised to do your research and figure out the costs before you would decide to do a DIY photo booth. Some websites can make it seem like it is an easy thing to do but the matter of the fact is, it can get complicated and the costs can be uncontrollable should you jump in without proper research. Having a DIY photo booth can be advantageous to some but not for others.