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The Wedding Hashtag

Right now, the personalized wedding Instagram hashtags are indeed one of the hottest wedding trends. Hashtags are a unique way to integrate social media sharing in your special day. Some can be clever and some are straightforward but, all in all, they are all fun. Here are some ideas to creating the ultimate #weddinghashtag!

  1. The purpose of a hashtag is to make a collection of photos that is easily searched on social media. In this case, wedding photos. This implicates that the hashtag should be unique and is highly relevant to the wedding. This will avoid clashing with other people’s hashtags and their photos too. To make sure, search it on social media before you can confirm that it is your own.
  2. Make sure that the hashtag is simple and easy to remember – That it is easier for friends and family to remember and share. Try to set up sign boards or chalkboards with your hashtag so they are always reminded of it.
  3. Think FUN! – This will give the hashtag extra push in being shared online and will make your guests want to use it. Often, some of the most fun hashtags are the ones that play on words. Be sure not to complicate it as it might not work for the majority.
  4. Do not make your hashtag too long – it can lose its fun value and it might not be used by your guests.
  5. One suggestion we can give is to try to come up with a hashtag that uses your last name or your future last name. Fine a website that with a list of idioms that lists examples from A to Z. Idioms will give you ideas and what we find the easiest way to in finding play of words that will suit your names.

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