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Things to Look for When Renting a Photo Booth

What should you look for when you rent a photo booth? Many of you would like to have a photo booth for your important event. We cannot encourage it enough as it is so much fun. If you had the experience in talking with someone that has been in an event that has a photo booth, they are sure to enthusiastically share about having a photo booth is a great idea and will agree that you must get one too. Here are some few important aspects to consider when renting a photo booth.

The Size of the Photo Booth

For photo booths, size does matter. Not will only an open air photo booth would be able to fit you and your best friend perfectly, you are now able to jump in the booth with an entire group adding to the excitement. For weddings, a higher capacity photo booth is considered as a must. You will be able to get all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen together with the bride and groom to capture some of the most cherished photos of the evening. An open air photo booth option equates to more possibilities for priceless pictures. But if you would want the privacy of traditional photo booths, you can still request it with us.

The Quality of Photo Prints

A lot of photo booth companies do use printers that do not produce high quality prints in their effort and hopes of saving money and time. If you can, try to ask the potential companies to mail you actual photo prints or if you can go to them and see it for yourself so that you can compare the photo quality. You will be quite surprised if you will see the photos side by side.

Potential Show-Stoppers

This is your event, make sure that the photo booth company you chose has enough backup equipment as you would never know when a flash, camera or a hard drive might fail. With backup equipment, you should not have that extra worry.

Gallery Hosting

Make sure that your photo booth rental company has a user-friendly service for hosting your photos. Some would offer special features such as the giving the ability for guests to download their photos for free, instant email, or even uploading the photos straight to their own social media accounts.

So, who ever you would choose for your photo booth, make sure that you like the people. You also would like the employees to be appropriately dressed, well-mannered and respectful with everyone at your event. At Photo Booth Rental Houston, we make sure that our staff and photo booth gives you the optimal photo booth experience.