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Vintage Weddings Are Here to Stay Photo Booth Rental Houston

Vintage Weddings Are Here to Stay

It is often encountered that brides say that they would like to have a vintage style wedding. But what does having a vintage wedding really mean? This is a style that has been around for centuries and let’s take a look on what the word ‘vintage’ would have meant in the past.

During the Victorian era, a vintage wedding would mean lace, pearls, parasols, garden tea parties and peonies. The next era, the Great Gatsby, was headbands, feathers and satin dresses. In the 30’s and 40’s, it had to be hats with the small veils, shoulder pads and the Hollywood glam.

A decade later, the 50’s and the 60’s had brought the big skirts, big hair, ginger beer, homemade lemonade and Audrey Hepburn as the icon of style. Brides on this era would be rocking the long sleeve wedding dress just like Priscilla Presley.

We now come to the 70’s and the 80’s where the vintage wedding theme ere loose floral dresses, daisy chains, long flowing hair and camper vans.

Fast forward to today, we now see that these vintage trends are reappearing. Detailed laces on dresses is almost a requirement, more and more brides are choosing for long sleeve gowns, flower crowns and headbands. Homemade lemonade is flowing back in the form of DIY barrel bars, not to mention using mason jars as drinking glasses. Food trucks, caravans and even Mr. Whippy vans are the hot trends now, serving guests pizza, ice cream and those delicious canapes.

Another good reason why many brides choose for vintage themed weddings is that there are countless ways that the ceremony and the reception can be decorated. Not to mention that there are specific wedding vendors that specializes in vintage props and décor. These companies provide an easy and affordable option which is sure to take much of the wedding stress away.

Brides can also follow these trends easily through a variety of social media tools like the search function on Facebook or pinning to vintage wedding boards to refer back to. The vintage trends can compose of raw timber arbors that are dressed up with flowing fabric or with floral arrangements, old wooden doors that can be used as ceremony backdrops, assortment of old chairs and even the classic benches or chesterfield lounges as ceremony seats.

Vintage would also mean having your own beautiful personal touches of the past scattered throughout as decors to your ceremony or reception.

To add to the fun, why not rent a photo booth that is designed to go with the whimsical theme and we supply a great selection of entertaining props. We at Photo Booth Rental Houston, have the photo booth that will add that unique element and will surely give you countless special memories for you and your guests to take home and treasure. Do not hesitate to ask for something different, we will work with you to incorporate our photo booths to your creative vision and event theme.

To conclude, going with a vintage wedding theme is a good choice. Having a vintage style wedding do not date, grow old. You will be looking back on your wedding photos and not be bothered why you had to think “why were you wearing that dress” but instead, will be looking at the wedding photos happily for the years to come.