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What is an Open Air Photo Booth?

A relatively new photo booth trend to hit the market, is now fast gaining popularity among events such as weddings, festivals, parties as well as big corporate events. These open photo booths typically consist of a unit which a touch screen and a camera is housed and these units are usually the height and size of an average person and can be self-standing or sitting on a tripod or a stand.

What exactly is an Open Photo Booth?

The first thing that comes to mind when the term ‘photo booth’ is mentioned is the bulky, enclosed box which you step into. Inside the booth, you would generally find a bench seat and room enough for a few people to squeeze in. After following instructions on a touch screen or a board, the photo booth takes a series of photos then prints out the familiar photo strips that you will take home.

The easiest way to describe an open photo booth is likened to a compact and portable photo studio. There is no actual booth that participants will step into but rather a backdrop or a DIY background that users stand in front of. This alone can vary from one photo booth company to another.

What then is considered as a Good Open Photo Booth?

Similar to a closed photo booth that are operated by a user on an interface or a device, there are a number of photo boot companies that offering booths that are based around a similar user experience.

These open style photo booths typically consist of a touch screen and a camera that is housed in a unit and are usually the height and size of an average person which can be self-standing or on a tripod or stand.

Why should you choose to rent an open photo booth?

Besides the closed photo booth becoming more and more somewhat dated, there are many varied and subjective reasons why you should rent a photo booth:

  1. Accessibility – Open air photo booths are generally easy to transport even on tight spots such as up a staircase or through narrow corridors. This is not achievable with a closed type photo booth and usually is quite bulky and heavy.
  2.  Lighting – this is one area which an open photo booth can come through. Open photo booths great potential for operators to provide high quality lighting which is flattering and makes everybody look great. Good lighting practices also sets some photo booth companies apart.
  3. Generally, open air photo booths fit a lot more people in a photo frame – A closed booth has limited space for a few photo participants and the camera is only a few feet away which alone is a struggle to fit more people into a single photo. On the other hand, open photo booths use large backdrops and guests can walk freely into the photo area and strike a posed from head to toe.
  4. It is fun – One amazing feature of open air photo booths is that it is easy for guests to jump in to the photo action and photobombing, has never been easier.

Here at Photo Booth Rental Houston, we think we have given you some working information about open air photo booths. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (832) 324-9901.