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Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Winter

It can be a big task to filter through all the winter wedding ideas that are out in the open and winter weddings is not exactly a hot topic to all the couples who are planning their wedding. They steer away from the winter because it is either they are worried about the weather or they are not looking forward for a conventional winter wonderland theme. Take heed, planning your own can sometimes get too much, especially when looking for your perfect wedding venue. Even if you have finally found your perfect venue, it can be a challenge to secure the date you want. With these circumstances, why not make more options for yourself rather than following or giving in on what is set? By considering the months of December through February, you now then open a wide variety of options.

There are many benefits on why to have a winter wedding and here are some.

  1. Be special – no one would want to get married at a time when guests have 3 or more weddings to attend to, on the same day. It is a given that most couples would like to be a May/June or a September/October wedding couple as these months have consistent good weather during these months and they are the calm and pleasant months of the year. It is just unfortunate that everyone would like to be wed during these months. It is then better to get yourself out of the crowd and become unexpected. Being in several bridal parties can get your friends and family to be a bit overwhelmed, not to mention that the usual wedding months, you may risk losing important guests to other events as well.
  2. Weather is not always reliable and it is not wise to pay for it. Though each wedding venue is different, others would actually pin premium pricing on their venues during peak seasons. Although these premiums may not be all they are made out to be in the end.
  3. In the middle of January and February, there is actually not much to look forward to. The holidays have ended, vacations are over and everyone would be going back on the normal stuff. January and February, in particular are particularly short on the fun happenings so why not give your guests something to look forward to?
  4. The winter sky can be actually wonderful for photos. Do you ever notice that gray sky that only happens in winter? Right before dusk, late in the afternoon? That only happens in the months of December, January and February. This is such a perfect light setting for gorgeous wedding photos.

During these months, availability is always better at traditionally lean season times. During this season, some critical wedding vendors can even accommodate quick change in plans. It is actually not true to assume that couples need to plan a wedding a year ahead. The only reason why couples would need to book a year in advance is that they need to secure the venue at a targeted date. By settling on a January or February date, those worries would just simply go away.